Nirou Group of Companies, with years of experience in the electrical field, and its advanced production facilities in the Rasht and Isfahan factories, is manufacturing Low Voltage panels, Medium Voltage switchgears, Control Protection and HMI panels, DC switchgears and rectifiers for traction purposes. All these are manufactured according to IEC standards and are duly Type Tested by International independent testing laboratories.
Additionally, they are also providing, EPC services as a solution for the traction sub-stations and also transmission and sub-transmission sub-stations.
Companies under its umbrella are, age wise:
–  Nirou Tablo Rail Industries
–  Hefaz Electric
–  Mahtab Bargh
–  Nirou Zaman
–  Nirou Kelied
– Nirou Tablo (oldest about 40 years)
  • LV PANELS & MCC: Nirou Tablo is manufacturing segregated compartment Low Voltage panels, up to 1,000 volts – 6300 Amps, Type Tested, fixed, plugged-in and withdraw able types.

  • Medium Voltage Swithgear: Nirou Tablo is also manufacturing its 3rd generation of Medium Voltage, Type Tested switchgears, up to 36kv – 3150 Amps and 31.5 KA, appropriate to be installed in transmission and sub-transmission sub-stations.

  • Control, Protection & HMI Panels: Hefaz Electric is involved in manufacturing panels and also conventional control panels, DSC control panels and HMI for monitoring and control of sub-stations and production process.

  • DC Switchgear & Rectifiers: Nirou Tablo Rail Industries is manufacturing DC switchgear and rectifiers up to 3000 volts and 8000 Amps, under the license of COET S.r.L, Italy, for Metro, Trolley Bus, LRT and mono rail traction power sub-stations

  • 3rd Rail & OCS: Nirou Tablo Rail Industries also has all the facilities for executing OCS and aluminum steel current rail for Metro and Inter-city OCS 25 KV