Provider of Major Urban Rail Transport Projects


Provider of Medium Voltage, Air-Insulated Metal Cald Switchgear

Activities in the field of Electrical Energy


1.Design(Basic-Conceptual-Detailed) ,procurement of noble parts, manufacturing the body, assembly ,wiring , doing FAT of AC Switchgears, LV, MV, Protection ,Conventional Control and DCS or HMI Panels according to IEC standards.
2.Same as item 1 but for DC Switchgears ,Rectifiers and various type of special panels ,to feed the traction networks.

Contracting on EPC

1.Design(Basic-Conceptual-Detailed) ,procurement, construction ,installation ,test and commissioning of transmission(over 63 KV) and sub-transmission (over20 up to 63KV)
Sub-Stations, AIS or GIS. 2.Same as item 1 but ,Total Electrical Energy-Solution for Industrial or residential projects and also for mass transition projects.(Metro...

Marketing and Trading

1.Doing the market and feasibility study, finding and then sourcing the required items, establishing agency ,importing and distributing the items , based on the financial plan.
2.Tendering , make the technical and commercial ,proposal based on studying documents and make analysis on the basis of fact and figures for Sub-Station or industrial projects.


Medium Voltage Swithgear: Nirou Tablo is also manufacturing its 3rd generation of Medium Voltage, Type Tested switchgears, up to 36kv – 3150 Amps and 31.5 KA, appropriate to be installed in transmission and sub-transmission sub-stations.

LV PANELS & MCC: Nirou Tablo is manufacturing segregated compartment Low Voltage panels, up to 1,000 volts - 6300 Amps, Type Tested, fixed, plugged-in and withdraw able types.

DC Switchgear & Rectifiers: Nirou Tablo Rail Industries is manufacturing DC switchgear and rectifiers up to 3000 volts and 8000 Amps, under the license of COET S.r.L, Italy, for Metro, Trolley Bus, LRT and mono rail traction power sub-stations

3rd Rail & OCS: Nirou Tablo Rail Industries also has all the facilities for executing OCS and aluminum steel current rail for Metro and Inter-city OCS 25 KV

Control, Protection & HMI Panels: Hefaz Electric is involved in manufacturing panels and also conventional control panels, DSC control panels and HMI for monitoring and control of sub-stations and production process.

Nirou Group

Let’s face it: the principal purpose of train data recording has not changed that much over the last 120 years – speed, acceleration and deceleration are physical regularities which have not changed.
Obviously, recording speed and a handful of other signals will no longer do – since trains are more complex than ever, there is a barrage of information to gather which has either – in case of signalling data (such as ETCS information) – to be treated instantly whereas other data have a rather informative character and can be evaluated later on.
Modern railway vehicles are increasingly integrated and complex, therefore also data recording can no longer afford to ask for a special treatment.
It is Nirou Group’s utmost concern to highlight the recorded data’s potential value in all possible respects.

Nirou Group is a leading Power Electrical Engineering Holding in the field of manufacturing low and medium voltage electrical panels distribution-transformers, Automatic circuit-breakers and also installation and erection of high-voltage sub-stations and industrial project on turn-key basis.

Nirou Group is reputed for offering high quality, reliability and after sales services. The Group’s manufacturing facilities are concentrated in Rasht Industrial Zone, Esfahan and Mashad.

Customer satisfaction and quality orientation of Nirou Group, which is a strategic policy, are reasons for the good reputation that the company has gained.

Due to the government policy of extensions of Metro in big cities, Nirou Group have pursued the adaptation of the best possible, latest technology transfer for DC traction Sub-Stations.

1-Manufacturing and procurement of equipments of 20kv LPS cubicles for 28 passenger SS for the end-user (MURCO) Mashad Urban Railway Corporation completed in 2004. (Please see the attached letter of satisfaction)

2-Design, manufacturing, procurement of equipment, installation,test and commissioning of Traction No.8, 9,825VDC for the end-user (TTB)Tehran Trolley Bus.

3-Design, manufacturing, procurement of equipment, installation, test, commissioning commissioning and the final implementation of 3 traction SS and 6 LPS SS for the Eastern Ext. Line2 for the end-user(TUSRC) Tehran Urban Suburban Railway Company. (Please see the attached letter of satisfaction)


one of the services

Nirou Group of Companies, with its modern and complete testing equipment and facilities, the co-operation of its associate companies and a vast all-encompassing experience can also fulfill and execute other projects, conventional, renewable and traction projects, inclusive of the test and commissioning and installation of the same.

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Nirou Tablo Rail Industries, with its experienced personnel, state of the arts advanced testing machines and tools, is fully capable of conducting the preventive and routine maintenance of the Metro and OCS system.

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Under the exclusive representation of Haslerrail, Switzerland, Nirou Tablo Rail Industries, is in an excellent position to supply all necessary spare parts for urban mass transition and fixed installations, as well as rolling stock.